Anastasia López

Engineering Lead

Talk Title

Psychological Safety: Building fearless teams






16:00 > 40 min


on Twitter

How do you support a team culture where everyone feels safe to open up, ask questions, and raise ideas without fear of negative consequences?

Your first instinct might be that this question is for managers and leaders — people whose responsibility it is to create that culture and lead the team. But let’s challenge that assumption. Inside a team, it’s everyone’s responsibility to bring technical skills, but also to embrace different opinions, build trust, nurture curiosity, and learn from failures. Each individual has the power to influence a psychologically safe team culture. So, what do you bring to the table?

As Android developers we don’t just bring code to our teams. We should be bringing our whole authentic selves and contributing to a team culture where everyone feels safe to do so too.

In this talk, managers and team members will have the opportunity to reflect on who they are at work, how they contribute to the team beyond code, and take away practical ideas for how to create psychologically safe teams.

Speaker Bio

Anastasia is a very passionate Android developer, now an Engineering Lead working @ Unmind. Her passion is bringing the human side to technology, as well as cupcakes and all types of sweet which is probably why she ended in the Android world.