Elin Nilsson

Mobile @ Spotify

Talk Title

Tell me about it! – Improve your feedback game to become a better engineer






11:30 > 40 min


on Twitter

Have you ever asked for feedback and people respond with vague praise, suggestions that aren’t actionable, or just nothing at all? Has anyone asked you for feedback and not knowing what else to say, you give vague praise, top-of-mind suggestions, or you say nothing at all? Have you ever shared a document but only gotten comments that seem to miss the point? Or have you reviewed a pull request where you don't understand what the author is trying to do, but the code looks good enough (after some nit-picky changes) that you "LGTM" and approve it?

You might think of feedback as either stressful, scary or tedious, but it's necessary for change and growth. Feedback is a skill that can skyrocket yourself, your colleagues and your work significantly. I will talk about the core of giving and getting better feedback, so you can get started with or speed up your feedback game today - for career, code reviews, software system designs, and more.

Speaker Bio

Elin is an engineer at Spotify, working on scaling feature development and architecture.