Lamberto Basti

Software dev in Package Search @JetBrains,

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Go with the Flow!






10:40 > 40 min


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The Kotlin coroutines library only offers a few basic operators for Flow compared to Rx libraries — that’s by design.

When you get a bit in the weeds of a piece of reactive code and reach for some familiar Rx operator like groupBy or throttle, you’ll see there are no built-in equivalents in Flow. No need to worry, though: if you find yourself needing more than what comes out of the box, Flow operators are much easier to write than you would expect.

During this session, we’ll see how Flow operators are made, and how we can implement even the most complex behaviors with a handful of lines by leveraging the power of coroutines. :kotlin-intensifies:

Speaker Bio

Italian Software engineer and AI enthusiast, living in Germany. I love Kotlin and pasta!