Nils Reichardt

Co-Founder Sharezone

Talk Title

M1 Mac machines in CI/CD for Flutter developers






12:20 > 20 min


on Twitter

Why should Flutter developers care about the M1 Mac Minis? These machines are super fast and now available on cloud-based CI/CD providers.

The build speeds are blazing fast compared to the Intel machines, but it may not be that straightforward to just switch to the new instance type. What are the benefits you will get and the concerns you should consider when switching to M1 Mac Minis in your CI/CD tools and what does it take to transition to the new architecture?

Speaker Bio

Co-Founder of Sharezone, a collaborative school planner for Android, iOS, Web and macOS with +350,000 registered users. He fell in love with Flutter since the first beta release in March 2018.