Salih Guler

Senior Developer Advocate at AWS Amplify

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Offline first Flutter applications







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Even though the world is becoming more "online" every day, there are still a lot of parts of the world that we all suffer connectivity problems. And, as we all know, as good developers, we should not let that affect the users' experiences in our applications.

Thinking "offline" first is a concept that we all suffer to achieve. Luckily there are some tools provided to us to make our lives easier. Tools like Amplify DataStore provides a programming model for leveraging shared and distributed data without writing additional code for offline and online scenarios, which makes working with distributed, cross-user data just as simple as working with local-only data.

With this talk, I will share my experience with thinking "offline" first with the applications I worked on before. You will learn about, what Flutter offers for being "offline" first, how you can achieve a great experience for your users by architecting your app the correct way, and most importantly, you will learn what NOT to do. 🙂

Speaker Bio

Salih is a Berlin based Senior Developer Advocate who is a Google Developer Expert for Flutter and Dart. He likes sharing his knowledge with the people by mentoring aspiring developers, blogging and talking at conferences.