Sergei Rybalkin

Kotlin @ Meta

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At long last we have Kotlin first at Meta!






16:50 > 40 min


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Android started to support Kotlin 5 years ago and became the first-choice language three years ago. But Meta just announced Kotlin as the preferred and default language for our Android code base only 3 months ago. We know Kotlin helps us boost productivity and code safety, so why is Kotlin adoption slow at Meta? Peng and Sergei will walk you through the Kotlin adoption journey at Meta. You will learn what problems speakers have encountered while bring a new programming language into a Giant mobile codebase: from infrastructure support to hardcode JVM bytecode optimizations, from Koltin conventions to build speed optimization. This talk is a next generation of Kotlin Adoption at Scale [] talk.

Join us to discover all the answers to these problems and how Kotlin makes our lives easier!
How do we utilize progressive mode to significantly improve Kotlin compiler checks and upgrade cadence?
How do we experiment with Kotlin Parallel Backend IR while it’s still a preview feature?
How do we improve our build system to increase efficiency? How did we compile less code while creating more?

Speaker Bio

Sergei works with JVM-based languages for more than 10 years. At Meta he is adopting and optimising Kotlin for Android. Before joining Facebook Sergei worked on Kotlin adoption for server side and frameworks at Alibaba Group.