“Standing on the shoulders of giants”
We could say the same for Open Source Software (OSS).

Daily we’re using a countless number of OSS libraries, tools, and frameworks to build our applications. We rely on the work of contributors, companies, and foundations which are dedicating their time and resources to the Open Source ecosystem.

However, building Open Source Software is not as easy as copy-n-pasting a folder on GitHub. Great Open Source Software needs dedicated resources, top-notch documentation, openness to the community, and a mindset to follow industry trends and directions.
Moreover, releasing OSS as an individual and as a company has deep fundamental differences.

Inside the React Team, we strive to build first-class OSS frameworks, to empower developers across the globe to build elegant UI experiences across Mobile & Web.

In this talk, I’ll walk you through my experience building OSS Software, how you can get started, how to get your organization involved, and how to bring your project to success.