Teresa wu

VP Engineer at J.P. Morgan, GDE Flutter/Dart

Talk Title

Flutter on Desktop: end to end from build to distribution






15:20 > 40 min


on Twitter

This talk begins with giving a brief discussion explaining the benefit of cross-platform project on multiple screens (i.e desktop), then it dives into building a desktop application using Flutter on macOS, Linux and Windows, demoing the process of handling navigations, state management and API calls on a very different environment. Then it goes on to talk about desktop application distributions on these three platforms, giving you an overview of an end to end solution to craft your own very first desktop application.

Speaker Bio

Coming from the East side of the world, Teresa is passionate about mobile applications and Cloud technologies, she has been working with many talented developers to craft various apps and projects throughout the years. Teresa likes to explore the world of multi-platform, the fun of continues delivery, testing automation and much more.