Akanksha Singh

Software Engineer at JP Morgan Chase & Co.

Talk Title

Seamless Interoperability: Harnessing JNIGen and FFIGen






15:15 > 40 min


on Twitter

This talk dives into the world of seamless interoperability, unveiling the power of JNIGen and FFIGen in enabling direct access to native methods from Dart code. Unlike the current approach of using Platform channels in Flutter, JNIGen, and FFIGen allows us to achieve effortless access to native methods from Dart code. By eliminating the need for manual method handling and channel management, these tools revolutionize the development process. With practical examples and performance comparison, attendees will discover how JNIGen simplifies integration with Android libraries and JAVA classes, while FFIGen streamlines access to Swift and Objective-C libraries.

Speaker Bio

Akanksha is a Software Engineer at JP Morgan Chase & Co., crafting engaging and innovative software solutions in the Asset and Wealth Management Line of Business. She has a keen interest in Flutter and enjoys building user-friendly and accessible applications. Her passion for Flutter has taken her to international conferences like FlutterHeroes, FlutterCon, and Flutter & Friends where she has shared her insights and expertise.

Beyond her role, Akanksha is an avid participant in hackathons. Her passion for community building and mentorship has driven her to lead student communities at university and mentoring roles at prestigious hackathons like HackHarvard, Hack4Inclusion, HackTheNorth, DubHacks, CalHacks, and more.

When she steps away from her keyboard, Akanksha finds solace in the timeless melodies of 60s-70s Hindi songs. She’s an avid museum-goer, ignited by a deep passion for delving into art and history.