Alejandra Stamato

Lead Android engineer at HubSpot

Talk Title

TextField in Jetpack Compose: past, present and future






14:20 > 40 min


on Twitter

Text input is a fundamental text component used in practically all apps at some point, from simple usage in a login screen to complex dynamic server-driven forms.
In this talk we’ll recap current text input APIs and their shortcomings, in particular for state management. As well we’ll explore the brand new BasicTextField2 API surface for common scenarios along with filtering, selection, gestures and more. The API you've been waiting for is coming to you soon 🙂

Speaker Bio

Alejandra is an Android software engineer and TL at HubSpot. Formerly Android Developer Relations Engineer at Google for Jetpack Compose (2021-2023).
She’s worked for multiple apps in the past, gathering a tenure of ~10 years in the industry.