Benedict Kennedy

Senior Manager, Front-end Development & User Experience - Zebra Technologies

Talk Title

Android Large Screen: how your app can power a workstation






11:10 > 40 min


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Learn how to make your Android Apps Large Screen Ready and Optimized.

Understand what code changes are needed to get Android, Web and Flutter apps working well on desktop-style, multi-screen, or multi-window environments.

Apps that have been coded with accessibility (a11y) in mind from the beginning have a head-start in being Large Screen Optimized. Learn why a11y may be needed by anyone in certain situations, how it extends the reach of your apps, and how to bake-in accessible user experiences from the start.

See how Zebra Workstation Connect enables a Zebra mobile device to become a workstation/Point of Sale by utilising the Android Large Screen capabilities.

Speaker Bio

Benedict started as an Android Engineer in Motorola in 2010 and has progressed to found & lead the Front-end Development team in the Innovation & Design organisation in Zebra Technologies.
The Front-end team specialises in implementing high quality User Experiences for Zebra’s range of Android products as well as web & desktop apps.