Benjamin Kadel

Principal Platform Engineer for Android at Babbel

Talk Title

Practical ADB usage to enhance your life!






13:25 > 40 min


on Twitter

ADB is an incredibly underutilized tool that can dramatically improve your Android development experience! Maybe you know some basic ADB commands, perhaps even a couple of nifty advanced ones or possibly, you don’t know what ADB even is!

Imagine automatically & swiftly logging into your app’s test account, instantly inspecting your app’s current Activity/Fragment stack or editing your app’s shared preferences & phone settings all without touching your device! All this and SO MUCH MORE is possible thanks to ADB.

This session is not intended to blast you with a list of ADB commands but instead to share a collection of practical scenarios & examples how you can use this supreme tool everyday in a variety of ACTUALLY useful ways.

Join me in this session, regardless of your experience, as we explore what this tool can really do to change the way you work forever!

Speaker Bio

Developer, Presenter/Teacher, Open source advocate, Ultimate frisbee player & Board game hoarder.
I love the fact that I get to code for a living, but I am also incredibly passionate about sharing, collaborating and helping others on their dev journey!
I also have a growing YouTube channel (, where I try to make entertaining & educational content about programming, the tech industry and specific tutorials to breakdown complex topics.
I adore presenting, story-telling and just generally engaging with an audience. If I am able to make life, even just a little brighter for someone then I have succeeded!