Bob Dahlberg

Kotlin, Android, Lead and trying to be helpful.

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Conducting tech interviews






15:20 > 40 min


on Twitter

Conducting proper tech interviews are hard. It has taken me more than 20 years of interviews, both as a candidate and as an interviewer, to come up with a process and key aspects that I try hard to go through before hosting an interview.
I've also learned as a candidate signs of an unhealthy company and a few take aways that I can apply to when I'm interviewing myself. Both positive and negative.
In this session I will share my history of technical interviews, what I look for when interviewing, how I want to set the scene, and how I try to always get the best out of each interview. Hopefully you can take away some learnings and inspiration for your own interviews after hearing me out.

Speaker Bio

I have been a developer since I started my first company in high school. I’ve built large campaign frameworks, several video players and chats, streaming services, mobile apps, and microservices to support them. Currently, my main language is Kotlin and my focus is mentoring and leading mobile tech teams. Since day one, I’ve been an asynchronous programmer and was used to working both reactive and functional before it became hip.