Carl-Gustaf Harroch

Founder/Managing Director - Novoda

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Challenges, failures and lessons from an agency building mobile products at scale






09:15 > 50 min


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"Today’s users expect to use services on whichever platform they chose to use in a given moment.” - Arne Kittler - Director Mobile Product at XING

In light of this reality, it's puzzling why many businesses adopt differing strategies when it comes to expanding their mobile teams versus conventional engineering teams. Carl-Gustaf Harroch, with a wealth of experience spanning 15 years in scaling mobile teams through Novoda, has collaborated with some of the world's most significant scale-ups and leading corporations. In his upcoming presentation, Carl will delve into the recurring challenges and trends he has observed as companies strive to expand their mobile teams. He will also provide insightful advice on how to navigate this process effectively.

The topics of discussion will encompass:

The unique challenges of mobile technology
The frequent consequences of these challenges
Strategies to alleviate these challenges and construct a successful blueprint for the expansion of your mobile teams.

Speaker Bio

Carl-Gustaf Harroch, the dynamic leader of Novoda, is known for his strategic foresight and nurturing leadership. Under his guidance, Novoda has soared to international success. A community-builder at heart, Carl also founded Londroid and kickstarted Droidcon London, leaving an indelible mark on the tech landscape.