Carl-Gustaf Harroch

Founder/Managing Director - Novoda

Talk Title

Challenges, failures and lessons in 15 years of building on top of Android.






09:15 > 50 min


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15 years in Android development and a whole lot of fun—Carl , founder of Novoda and the guy (and friends) who kickstarted droidcon London, invites you to a whirlwind ride down memory lane. it's a celebration of Android, the community, and the crazy roller coaster of a journey they've been on together.

Get ready for:

- A trip back to Android's 'Wild West' days—remember when everyone was figuring it all out?
- A toast to droidcon London, the event that became the go-to hub for Android aficionados.
- Real talk on building Android teams—because, there has been a bit of learning

Speaker Bio

Carl-Gustaf Harroch, the dynamic leader of Novoda, is known for his strategic foresight and nurturing leadership. Under his guidance, Novoda has soared to international success. A community-builder at heart, Carl also founded Londroid and kickstarted Droidcon London, leaving an indelible mark on the tech landscape.