Chris Banes

Software Engineer

Talk Title

Multiplatform party at the front, and the back






11:25 > 40 min


on Twitter

Kotlin and Compose Multiplatform open up new horizons for Android developers, allowing you to target many platforms from the same code. There are lots of examples out there of new apps built from scratch with KMP, but where do you start when you need to migrate an existing app?

In this talk we’ll cover how we migrated the Tivi app from 100% Android to Kotlin and Compose Multiplatform, publishing the app on Android, iOS, and other platforms, all from a single codebase.

We will look at both the how and what to migrate to, for all layers of the app: business logic layers such as network requests, data storage, repositories, dependency injection, and finally your UI layers: presenters, navigation, and how you can make the UI feel more ‘native’.

Speaker Bio

Chris is an engineer who has worked on Android UIs for 10+ years, last working as the Technical Lead of the Client UI Android team at Twitter. He previously worked in the Android Developer Relations at Google, where he worked on libraries in Android Jetpack, most notably AppCompat, Design and Palette.