Daniele Bonaldo

Android Developer e GDE

Talk Title

Sink or swim: proving ideas in production, fast






16:10 > 40 min


on Twitter

It all began with a beer and a video call: a group of friends had an app idea and wanted to see whether it could work out. But going from idea to shipping something on the Play Store isn’t that easy. How do you organize work? What are the roles and tools to use? And most importantly, how to build a framework onto which you can iterate on multiple ideas, fast?

That’s what we had to figure out over the past six months as we launched multiple ideas into production. Join us in a retrospective of how we got from that famous beer to today. We’ll cover how an Android dev such as yourself can organize work to prioritize fast iteration, pick the right tools and technologies, automate the heck out of everything, figure out how to promote and grow the app, plan a business strategy, and understand if it is sustainable.

By attending this session, you’ll find out what worked out for us and what didn’t in this process, and how to avoid some mistakes we made. If you’ve ever had the itch to publish an app — by yourself or with some friends — come along to find out what’s ahead of you!

Speaker Bio

Daniele is an Android developer passionate about photography, wearable technologies and Internet of Things.
Freelance developer, international conference speaker and Google Developer Expert, now he loves to work on everything related to the Android ecosystem, from Chromecast to Wear to smart mirrors.