Erik Hellman

Severely colourblind, coffee addicted, mistake driven developer.

Talk Title

Working with custom Android devices 😈






15:20 > 40 min


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Android is now well established outside the world of smartphones. Although usually not officially supported, you can find Android running on all kinds of devices, like home appliances, digital signage, and point-of-sales terminals. Being Android developer today means you are likely to encounter these custom devices in your career.

In this session you will learn the most important parts of working on these devices. We will cover things like developers boards, board support packages, AOSP builds, firmware updates, and much more.

Speaker Bio

Erik was raised in the dark woods of Sweden, where the was nothing to do but to learn how to write code for PCs. After many years of suffering through experiences of early C++, Visual basic, Delphi, and every version of Java and C#, he has now found Kotlin and feel comfortable that the future for software is bright again.