Fanny Demey

Mobile Engineer / Accessibility expert - Freelance

Talk Title

Deep-Dive Into Mobile Accessibility & Interactive Quiz






16:50 > 40 min


on Twitter

Nowadays mobile apps are at the heart of our interactions with the world around us. But are we sure that our apps are usable for everyone ? As developers, how can we make sure that the experience of our screen reader users is the best ?

During this presentation, you will compete with the audience to measure your mobile accessibility knowledge, and learn at the same time how to optimize your application user experience for screen readers.

We will go deeper than the usual contentDescription to improve accessibility. For example by using Custom Action or Long Click to reduce the number of Talkback gestures needed to go through one screen. We will also open doors to new gestures to improve the UX of infinite horizontal lists like in Spotify or Netflix, that can be a trap for screen readers.

Prepare yourself to learn new tricks that will make the usability of your app better for user with a screen reader than for sighted users.

Bonus 🎁 : The highest score to the quiz in the audience will win a small prize.

Speaker Bio

Fanny is a mobile developer and an accessibility expert. She cares about people and the planet and decided 3 years ago to work exclusively on tech for good project, to use her technical skills to make a better world.
She is also involved in the French tech community as she is the main leader of the GDG Lille group and one of the organizer of the French Android user group.