Gen Citro

Bitrise, Enterprise Solutions Consultant for EMEA

Talk Title

Remote Build Cache – overcoming the network latency tax






12:20 > 20 min


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Lengthy builds and tests are a tax on productivity, job satisfaction and CI infra costs. The solution is to modularise apps into sub-projects and connect build systems to a remote build cache. But in doing so how can we minimise the latency and bottlenecks of retrieving cache entries? This talk will show you how to turbo-boost your build benchmarks with remote caching.

Speaker Bio

Started out as a Solutions Engineer in adtech specialising in programmatic ad delivery to mobile, video and web environments.

Spent 10 years at Google first as a business technology consultant advising the world’s biggest brands how to maximise the potential of cloud, SaaS and Big Data.

Joined Bitrise in early 2022 to help mobile organisations elevate their CI/CD, saving them time and money, so they can focus on increasing the impact of their apps to make the world a better place.