Giovanni Laquidara

Sr Developer Evangelist @ Amazon

Talk Title

Expand your Android app beyond the phone






10:20 > 40 min


on Twitter

We all know Android Apps are expanding beyond the phone screen, so join us to learn how Amazon Appstore is helping you bring your Android apps to a variety of form factors. We will explore the latest developer tools available to you, the different SDKs and services you can use to enhance your app, best practices to follow and testing services you can utilise to build an app that reaches millions of customers worldwide via our Fire Devices.
We will also look at how you can use Windows Subsystem for Android to bring your Android Apps to desktop using the Amazon Appstore on Windows 11 devices.

Speaker Bio

Started my development journey using Ada83 in the Archipelago of Real Time Systems years and years ago, migrated into Object Oriented country surviving to C, Python and Java. With these in the bag, I’ve decided to leave for the newborn country of the Mobile Development choosing Android as a first town. I was not alone in the journey, many communities and events made me safe and satisfied and I liked to give back speaking about my past trips and helping others during “around the fire” meetups (GDG, Facebook DevC, Mobile Tea and others) conferences like Droidcons and many more. I’m ready to pack my bag for VR/AR worlds and AI new lands and I’m currently helping developers for their adventures in the Amazon AppStore ecosystem.