Haroldo Olivieri

Principal Engineer @ Skyscanner

Talk Title

Honest mistakes caused by shallow interpretation of SOLID


Vill Gre




13:35 > 40 min


on Twitter

Although coding, in essence, is a clear subject that normally doesn’t open space for too many points of view with clear rights and wrongs, it’s naive to think that the same problem can’t be correctly solved by different architectures or even opposed solutions.

By taking SOLID concepts as an argument to support their cases, less experience engineers tend to not take context and product requirements into account, risking the failure of the initiative for the sake of following good practices by the book.

Many times it’s also common that just couple principles are taken into account, completely ignoring others that might even be more important given the scope of the problem.

This talk is about recognizing these destructive patterns on your team when designing a solution to help you to Built it Right, as long as you are Building the Right Thing.

Speaker Bio

Haroldo invested over 9 years of his life building amazing mobile experiences. Currently, he’s the Principal Mobile Engineer at the Research and Planning tribe @Skyscanner and is responsible for the architecture and framework that builds the new unified search on the mobile clients focused on modular and composable components meant to tackle the shared ownership problem and attrition between squads.