James Hamilton

Compiler Engineer @ Guardsquare

Talk Title

Think outside the server






12:20 > 20 min


on Twitter

Securing your server API is a common method to safeguard your Android application, however, it may not always be sufficient. In certain situations, you may need to have additional measures in place to protect the mobile app client beyond just server-side security.

In this presentation, we will explore a few of these scenarios and why they are so important to be aware of. In conclusion of this presentation, you will be able to identify, understand, and deal with the common client-side security challenges that you may encounter.

Speaker Bio

I’m a compiler engineer at Guardsquare, the creators of ProGuard. I work mainly on ProGuard, ProGuardCORE and the Android security solution DexGuard.

I previously worked at CERN in Geneva, and before that obtained a PhD in Computer Science focusing on code analysis from Goldsmiths, University of London.