Jamie Adkins

Android @ Deliveroo

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A/B Test Best Practices and Fun Case Studies from Deliveroo






11:25 > 40 min


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At Deliveroo we run hundreds of A/B tests per year, and sometimes they return very unexpected results! Over the years, we’ve learned lots about running A/B tests, and today we’ll share some best practices for success. We’ll share some stories about some of the strangest results we’ve seen and by the end, we hope to convince you to start running A/B tests in your apps too!

Topics we will cover:
What is an A/B test?
What are some of the most surprising results we have got from A/B tests at Deliveroo?
What did we learn from those A/B tests?
What are the best practices for running A/B tests?
How can I convince my boss that we should be running A/B tests at our company?

Come along to find out if handling process death impacts how often people order food, and exactly how valuable your splash screen is!

Speaker Bio

Jamie is an Android Developer at Deliveroo, working on home + menus in the consumer app.

Before joining Deliveroo, Jamie worked on Android apps for sports organisations, including the Cricket and Rugby World Cups.