Jason Pearson

Senior Staff Android Engineer @ Hinge

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From Laptop Builds to Advanced CI






16:10 > 40 min


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How do you transition from the solo-coder mindset to building a robust, automated CI pipeline that supercharges your team?

Once you get a basic pipeline running there are numerous aspects to evaluate:

* Are the results useful?
* You start to add unit test results and collect build artifacts. Is it fast and reliable enough that the team benefits from it?
* Do you need a merge queue or do you need better checks?
* What is consistently missed that you can automate?
* What tedious repetitive tasks can you transform into a welcome resource?
* Are you hitting resource limits that require an engineering investment to mitigate?
* Do you invest in Gradle or Bazel? What JVM options are right for your codebase?
* Is Docker useful? How far should you go in your optimizations?
* How do you secure the pipeline?

We'll delve into each topic and share how to apply our learnings to empower you. Along the way we will discuss how to approach stakeholders outside engineering to demonstrate the value it brings to a business. Join us for a saga of struggles and victories and how we transformed our CI pipeline at a modern scale-up business.

Speaker Bio

Jason Pearson is a polyglot full stack engineer, but literally found love via Android at Hinge. He built the app from scratch and currently is the tech lead for Mobile Platform.