John Rodriguez

Android @ Square

Talk Title

What’s new in Paparazzi?






13:50 > 40 min


on Twitter

Since last Droidcon NYC, Paparazzi has seen continued increased adoption across the Android community!

In this talk, John will give an overview of how it works, followed by an update on what the Cash App Android team has been working on since then, including:

* Resource and asset loading improvements
* Video snapshot support
* Snapshots from @Previews
* Compose Multiplatform support

...and more!


Paparazzi is an Android testing library that allows you to render your application screens without a physical device or emulator!

It has been immensely improving the Android UI testing loop on Cash App and other well-known apps since 2019 by allowing you to refactor your screens with confidence while running blazingly fast on the JVM versus navigating on slow devices.

Speaker Bio

John is an Android engineer on Cash App where he helps build banking features. Previously, he worked on the Square Point-of-Sale and Developer SDK teams. He is the lead maintainer for Paparazzi and has contributed to LeakCanary, Picasso and Wire.