Josef Raska

Glovo, Mobile Engineer

Talk Title

Mobile Observability at scale






10:15 > 40 min


on Twitter

Mobile applications have evolved in complexity and business significance, making it critical to closely monitor and maintain the apps availability and performance. Fast incident understanding and response in real time is crucial to keep trust both of your users and your stakeholders.

In this talk we will introduce Mobile Observability, explaining its basics and highlighting both commonalities and distinction with backend practices. Our focus will be on various metrics that can be collected within mobile apps, their purpose, instrumentation methods and alignment with Android Vitals or backend metrics.

Android engineers will learn
- How to set up Observability within their apps, establishing actionable metrics.
- Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) practices and their application in the mobile world.
- Selecting right tools and configuring alerting systems for appropriate response and actions.
- Scaling Observability across 10+ teams.
Maintenance, handling seasonality, legacy app versions or false positives.
- Incident response best practices and techniques for quickly identifying the cause of issues.

Speaker Bio

Josef is a Mobile Engineer at Glovo Barcelona and he spent the last decade of his engineering time on Android and related services. Next to apps development he focuses on mobile development infrastructure. His passion is to help mobile projects and engineers grow, reaching higher maturity in the mobile industry. Code is his way of speaking and when he doesn’t talk or read some, you can find him traveling, hiking, drinking beer or doing all together.