Josteve Adekanbi

Software Engineer

Talk Title

Deep Dive into Flutter Animations: Crafting Dynamic and Engaging UIs






13:25 > 40 min


on Twitter

Animations are more than just visual flair; they breathe life into mobile applications, making them feel responsive and intuitive. In this session, we'll embark on a deep dive into Flutter's animation toolkit. From the foundational principles of animating widgets to advanced techniques like gesture-driven transitions and physics-based movements, attendees will discover how to elevate their app's user experience to new heights. Through hands-on demonstrations, learn to harness the full potential of Flutter's animation capabilities and craft truly dynamic and engaging UIs.

Speaker Bio

Josteve Adekanbi is a Software Engineer with a keen interest in Machine Learning and expertise in advanced technologies, notably Flutter and Firebase. He has collaborated with leading tech entities, including Codility, and has been instrumental in developing significant projects such as the Klasha app. Alongside his work, Josteve occasionally lends his expertise to the tech community by answering questions on StackOverflow. As a testament to his commitment to continuous learning and expanding his horizons in AI, he is currently pursuing a master’s degree in the UK.