Kendi J

Flutter Developer

Talk Title

Seamless Interoperability: Harnessing JNIGen and FFIGen






15:15 > 40 min


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This talk dives into the world of seamless interoperability, unveiling the power of JNIGen and FFIGen in enabling direct access to native methods from Dart code. Unlike the current approach of using Platform channels in Flutter, JNIGen, and FFIGen allows us to achieve effortless access to native methods from Dart code. By eliminating the need for manual method handling and channel management, these tools revolutionize the development process. With practical examples and performance comparison, attendees will discover how JNIGen simplifies integration with Android libraries and JAVA classes, while FFIGen streamlines access to Swift and Objective-C libraries.

Speaker Bio

I am Flutter Dev, who’s still open to learning other technologies.

I love tech communities and I am a co-organizer at Android254, Flutter Kenya and Flutter Africa, which are among the large tech communities within Africa.

I co-organize Droidcon KE, which is the largest mobile developer conference in Sub-Saharan Africa, aimed at bringing opportunities to mobile app developers in my region.

I am a technical speaker as well as a technical blog writer.

Besides tech, I enjoy acting in live theatre and mountains make me really happy 🙂