Lennert de Waal

Used to be an Apple AppDev System Engineer

Talk Title

Local first development, CRDTs and Offline Cross Platform Sync on Android






16:15 > 20 min


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In this session we will discuss progress in local first software development on mobile platforms, and the CRDT pattern that can underpin this.

We will discuss how this can enable users to synchronise data between devices whilst also maintaining control of this data and building a "cloud optional" architecture.

We will also discuss the requirements to be satisfied in building a local first Database with offline, multi-protocol, peer-to-peer synchronisation, cross platform capabilities and the lessons learned in building the Ditto SDK.

Speaker Bio

Lennert is based in the Netherlands and is an architect with years of experience in mobile, web, backend and integration technologies.

Lennert currently works at Ditto, a platform for building edge-to-edge, cloud optional sync applications.

Prior to this, Lennert spent five years as a AppDev Systems Engineer at Apple.