Manuel Vivo

Staff Android Engineer

Talk Title

Peeling Back the Layers: Unmasking the UI-nknown!






10:15 > 40 min


on Twitter

How much do you know about the UI layer and its best practices? What's the preferred way to produce UiState? How to consume it? Should you use MVVM or MVI? What about handling UI events? Where to hoist a particular state? What types of state holders can you have in your app? Should the ViewModel contain all the logic that comes from the UI? What are its limits?

All these questions and more about the UI layer will be answered in the talk. Level up your UI layer knowledge and make it a well-known area. We'll use real code snippets to show how to apply the recommended practices in an Android app.

Speaker Bio

Manuel is a Staff Android Engineer at Bumble Inc. With previous experience at Capital One and Google, he currently focuses on App Architecture, Dependency Injection and Jetpack Compose.