Marc Obrador Sureda

CTO & Co-founder @ Build38

Talk Title

REST in Peace: A Journey Through API Protection






14:45 > 20 min


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Isn't Droidcon a Mobile Developer's conference? So, why would I care about protecting REST APIs? Well, think twice! API protection starts in the app, as the protection level of the API will be only as strong as the protection mechanisms built in the app. Join us for this entertaining talk were we will cover the typical mechanisms used to protect REST APIs and how they can be "exposed" if insufficient protection is put into the application. And, of course, guide you into putting the right measures inside the app so that both, app and backend, are sufficiently protected.

Speaker Bio

I am a passionate of mobile app development and IT security, and I’ve been lucky enough to combine both of them in my daily job for the past 10 years. A few years ago I co-founded Build38, where we develop tools that enable mobile app developers to build their dream apps in a secure manner.