Marcin Chudy

Senior Flutter Developer at LeanCode

Talk Title

Hitting a Gold Mine: How to Set the Gold Standard With Golden Tests






10:15 > 40 min


on Twitter

Golden tests generate screenshots of Flutter widgets and compare them against reference images. They are a powerful tool to protect from visual regressions and improve the quality of your apps.

In this talk, we’ll go beyond simple examples and take a look at how we can make golden tests part of a development workflow in a bigger Flutter project. In a Flutter project developed by LeanCode for a client from the banking sector, we decided to experiment with golden tests from the very beginning, and they turned out to be extremely effective.

During the talk, we’ll see what are some good practices and antipatterns for golden tests, what role they can play in the code review process, and take a broader perspective on who can be involved in golden tests (not only developers!). We’ll also consider using golden tests in more advanced testing scenarios for things like responsiveness, accessibility, localization, and others.

Speaker Bio

Marcin is a Senior Flutter Developer at LeanCode, a software house from Poland known for building complex mobile apps with Flutter and engaging in the Flutter Warsaw community. He is currently playing a Flutter Tech Lead role in a large project for the banking sector. Previously worked with backend, and web frontend (React), finally settling on mobile and falling in love with Flutter at first sight. After work, he enjoys dancing salsa and bachata and attends metal concerts.