Matthias Geisler

Software Engineer@LichtBlick SE

Talk Title

And Gradle says: sharing is caring – Or why Gradle Plugins are all you need for your Configuration






16:50 > 40 min


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Have you ever been in dependency hell? Are you tired of copying and pasting your setup from one project to another? Do you wish there would be an easy way to share your configurations, workflows, dependencies? Say no more!

Born out of painful lessons, this talk will give you a crash course in how you can ship your setup easily to different projects by using the power of Gradle (Convention) Plugins, VersionCatalogs, etc.

Speaker Bio

True believer in (Kotlin) Multiplatform and working with it for over 3 years now. Currently works for LichtBlick SE, to build solutions on Android. Maintainer and developer of KMock.
Co-Organizer of KUG Berlin