Neal Michie

PACE Anti-Piracy, Director of Product Management

Talk Title

Become a hero to your DevSecOps team






12:20 > 20 min


on Twitter

Get in front of API Security. Mobile apps are the front line of your company’s customer engagement. With the correct architecture and security, they can also become the first line of defence in protecting your company’s infrastructure. This presentation will take you through a worked example showing how an Android app can strengthen an organisation’s cyber-defense.

Speaker Bio

Neal Michie is Director of Product Management at PACE Anti-Piracy. He believes security should be a top concern for all applications, advocating that it is not just a defensive measure but key to building long term engagement and growth. Neal brings more than two decades of mobile development experience of which more than half has been dedicated to building highly secure mobile solutions, including the first to be fully certified by both Mastercard and Visa.