Neil Hutchison

Senior Android Engineer @ Toyota Connected Europe

Talk Title

Staying Relevant






14:20 > 40 min


on Twitter

When working on legacy projects and slow to change codebases, it can feel like you are being left behind, while others are actively learning and using the latest technologies.

I want to share my approach with you, to help keep on top of things and remove any FOMO.

The inspiration for this talk comes from working on a legacy project for the last couple of years.
I’ve felt like I was becoming worse at my job, that I’m becoming outdated and falling behind. I want to help people not feel the way I felt.
Being at a conference seeing all the latest and greatest things can reinforce those feelings, so I will help bring everything back into perspective.

Specifically, I will outline a series of strategies you can follow, from day to day activities to thinking in the years of your career, and a specific set of recommendations for our current state in 2023.

Speaker Bio

Neil has been working away in London building Android apps for almost a decade, currently working at Toyota Connected on their companion apps. Previously he hosted Londroid and GDG Devfest LDN, among other adhoc events. Always an advocate for the Android community in London and globally.