Nelson Osacky

Lead Solutions Engineer at Gradle

Talk Title

Becoming and Staying a Productive Developer with Build Scans, Build Validation Scripts and Gradle






10:30 > 40 min


on Twitter

We will start by discussing some of the top Gradle issues that affect the productivity of Android developers. We will cover build cache misses and configuration cache issues as well as how to debug and solve them with various tools such as with the free Build Scan service, Android Studio debugger and also with Develocity.

We will then demonstrate combining the powerful Build Validation Scripts with automation and notifications to systematically surface new build cache misses and to keep them from reappearing once they have been fixed.

We will close by diving into the just released Artifact Transform insights in the free Build Scan tool. This is one of the most commonly requested features by Android developers. We will also close off by showing how you can use the new Tests API in Develocity to automate your flaky test workflows.

Speaker Bio

Former Square in San Francisco. Former SoundCloud in Berlin. Now speeding up builds around the world at Gradle.