Pascal Welsch

Flutter GDE, CTO at PHNTM, Co-Founder of Wiredash

Talk Title

Exploring Records and Patterns






13:50 > 40 min


on Twitter

Dart 3 is packed with new experimental language features, including Records, Pattern Matching, Algebraic datatypes, and Destructuring. Like Extensions, they’ll open up new opportunities for packages and ways to express oneself in code. Through concrete examples, Pascal will guide you through the syntax of these new features and demonstrate how they can be used to create more expressive and maintainable code.

You’ll learn about:

- The benefits of the new Dart 3 language features
- The considerations in designing these features
- What the syntax looks like in isolation
- New patterns and anti-patterns and how they will shape our Dart code of tomorrow

Whether you're a seasoned Dart developer or just getting started, this talk will help you get up to speed on the latest advancements in the language. Don't wait for the future to arrive – start exploring these new features today and take your code to the next level.

Speaker Bio

Pascal (Flutter GDE) had a 6-year-long Android background before he transitioned to ditch Kotlin for Dart and Flutter. At PHNTM he leads a team of Flutter talents delivering stunning user interfaces to audiences on all platforms.
Pascal is a strong believer in testing and open-source. If you find any of his packages in your dependencies they are certainly well tested. Like his Feedback SDK Wiredash.