Piotr Prus

Android developer

Talk Title

Blast Off: Managing Hundreds of UI Updates for Emoji Cannons






12:05 > 20 min


on Twitter

Managing a state might be a challenge. Managing the state with hundreds of updates and constant recomposition of floating emojis is a challenge indeed. In this talk, I will share how to build emoji cannon that floods your screen with UI elements, update the state, and does not freeze your UI. All of that with Jetpack Compose 🙂
In addition to covering the technical aspects of building and managing a state, I will also share how to build a responsive UI that takes the user input and animates.

Speaker Bio

I am an android developer with 5+ years of experience, addicted to new things. I love clean architecture and clean, simple designs. I am trying to create meaningful articles and speeches. Currently composing and KMMing all the things.