Ryan Harter

Android @ Dropbox

Talk Title

Demystifying Dagger






11:10 > 40 min


on Twitter

Dagger gets a bad rap for being "difficult to understand", or "overly complicated", or "black magic". In reality, Dagger generates pretty straight-forward, elegant wiring code similar to how we would likely write it manually and, I believe, it's the complexity of large scale apps that makes it complex.

In this talk we'll look at different types of injection that Dagger supports, and the code it generates to do so, to get an understanding of what it's doing and how it works. We'll then dive into Components and Subcomponents to see how Dagger wires together our dependencies into a graph. Finally, we'll look at how Dagger can be extended using Anvil and other tools.

Speaker Bio

Hailing from the suburbs of Chicago, Ryan has been a part of the Android community since the early days. For a long time, he built creative graphics apps, working everywhere from the top of RecyclerViews all the way down into OpenGL. Since joining Dropbox in 2022, he’s been working on Design Systems, Compose and lots of other parts of the Android stack.