Shree Bhagwat

Founder / CEO - Codeaamy

Talk Title

Introduction to Game Development with Flutter and Flame






16:50 > 40 min


on Twitter

This session will be purely based on Game Development in Flutter and Flame.
I will start with a basic introduction to the Flame engine and some of the concepts of Game Development like Folder Structure, Game Loop, Collision Detection, adding objects, and giving a piece of awesome music to our game.

It will be a platform running game, where the character has to jump over obstacles and collect points. Stay tuned for the nostalgic Game that we will be building.

This will really help users to explore the Game Development sector of Flutter and Flame.

Speaker Bio

Founder of Codeaamy: An App Development Company.

Flutter Pune Organiser

Flutter Tech Editor, Video Course Creator and lead mentor at

Corporate Trainer For Flutter

Youtuber and blogger.

On a mission to make education free.