Simona Milanovic

Android DevRel Engineer for Jetpack Compose @Google

Talk Title

Migrating to Jetpack Compose – an interop love story






11:25 > 40 min


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Most of you are familiar with Jetpack Compose and its benefits. If you’re able to start anew and create a Compose-only app, you’re on the right track. But this talk might not be for you then.

While Compose-only is a dream experience, the reality is that existing apps will be mixed Views and Compose for a long time. The most common migration strategy is: all new features written in Compose, while old code remains in Views.

Devs do refactor old code as well - but it’s not a must. You don’t need a Compose-only app to reap the benefits of Compose. So, let’s embark on a journey of partially migrating a View sample, to test a few hypotheses:

- “Migration of common UI first” strategy
- View and Compose interop capabilities
- Migrating to Compose while keeping original navigation
- Redesigning a feature/screen? Perfect time to migrate!
- Migrating to Compose? Perfect time to add large screen support!
- Views to Compose don’t always need a 1:1 mapping

Speaker Bio

Simona Milanovic works at Google, as an Android Developer Relations Engineer for Jetpack Compose. Simona previously worked as an Android Dev in a variety of different industries – retail, transportation, banking, automotive & online dating. Aside from work, she loves to travel, read, organise stuff (😬), play music & video games and spend time with her 4 fluffy pets.