Syed Hamid

CEO - Sofy

Talk Title

The GPT-ification of Mobile App Testing






16:15 > 20 min


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It's no secret that OpenAI's ChatGPT has taken the tech industry by storm. In fact, in the tech sector, it's difficult to miss discussion about how the jobs of today will inevitably be impacted by GPT-3.5 and, recently, GPT-4. With the arrival of Microsoft 365 Copilot and the massive amount of GitHub data Microsoft has used to train it, it's evident that OpenAI's large language models will also transform the software development process. In this discussion, Sofy CEO and founder Syed Hamid will share a variety of use cases that provide insight into how this technology is changing today's software testing landscape. Syed will also discuss how Sofy has harnessed the power of GPTs to further amplify Sofy's revolutionary no-code mobile app testing approach.

Speaker Bio

Syed Hamid is the founder and CEO of Sofy, the revolutionary no-code mobile app testing platform. Before founding Sofy in 2016, Syed managed software testing teams at Microsoft for over 18 years. His experience leading teams in the United States, China, Denmark, and India repeatedly led him to an important conclusion: There had to be a better way to test mobile apps. Syed combined his observations with the incredible innovation promised by the No-Code Revolution, resulting in Sofy.