Syed Hamid

Founder and CEO,

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Exploration of tools, frameworks to take the pain out of mobile app testing!






13:10 > 20 min


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What's the holy grail of test automation? UI testing/E2E testing, of course! Unfortunately, the fickle nature of UI interaction during development, test flakiness, and user scenario permutations make this difficult to achieve. This is particularly the case in mobile app development due to a large number of device configurations (including OS versions, device form factors, and device manufacturers).

We all know that it's important to begin testing for issues as early as possible. Yet the great challenge to "shifting left" is that UI automation takes time and requires skilled engineers to build who are in short supply in this job market.

Using a combination of no-code/lowcode approach, seamless CI integration, and built-in resiliency to reduce flakiness, we can make this a viable approach that is less costly or time-consuming. We will discuss pros and cons of various approaches (scripting, low code, nocode) to solving this problem and delve into one that we have pioneered in Sofy.

Speaker Bio

Syed Hamid is the CEO and founder of Sofy, a no-code automated mobile app testing platform. Millions of people use mobile apps every day, and app development teams must test their apps before every release/update. This increasingly complex and resource-intensive process is time-consuming. Fortunately, Sofy’s innovative platform makes the necessity of testing mobile apps swift and painless. Before starting Sofy in 2016, Syed worked as an engineering leader for nearly two decades at Microsoft.