Tamás Bazsonyi

Solutions Engineer @ Bitrise

Talk Title

Do more faster – Taking your Mobile DevOps setup to the next level






12:20 > 20 min


on Twitter

The main goal of a Mobile DevOps platform is to allow you to deliver new releases faster with more confidence. But finding the right tools and processes can be challenging.

During this session we'll go through the steps of how you can get there through a walk, run, fly approach and you'll walk away from this session with concrete steps to take your current CI/CD setup to the next level, allowing your team to deliver more features, faster.

Speaker Bio

Tamas Bazsonyi is a member of the Solutions Engineering team at Bitrise working with customers in the EMEA region to implement CI/CD pipelines successfully that help them during their day-to-day jobs. During his career he’s been working as a Full Stack Developer, QA Engineer and also jumping into mobile app development. Some of his favourite topics are Test Automation and Automation in general.