Tomáš Mlynarič

Android Developer Relations Engineer @Google

Talk Title

Enhancing Jetpack Compose App Performance: Tools, Strategies and Optimizations






16:50 > 40 min


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Explore techniques to elevate Jetpack Compose app performance through measurement, debugging, and strategic optimization. Harness the capabilities of sophisticated tools, including Macrobenchmark and Android Studio's profiling suite, to pinpoint bottlenecks. Delve into the implementation and debugging of Baseline Profiles, which mitigate the impact of JIT on your code execution. Additionally, learn strategies to alleviate heavy UI rendering, ensuring a smoother user experience. Join us to gain actionable insights and practical skills for crafting high-performing Jetpack Compose apps that deliver seamless user experiences.

Speaker Bio

Tomáš is an Android Developer Relations Engineer at Google. His focus is on demystifying Jetpack Compose app performance and simplifying the onboarding process for Baseline Profiles. Before joining Google, Tomáš worked as an Android Engineer with a strong interest in dependency injection and modularization.