Vadym Pinchuk

Mobile Software Engineer at Labrys

Talk Title

Experimenting around Dart Entrypoint Function Name to get it all






16:15 > 20 min


on Twitter

Exploration of latest state of the functionality in Flutter for developing multiple entry Android application. The feature allows developers to build single application with multiple entry points to gate/isolate specific features under exact entry, what can be useful for specific cases, like building POS-terminal app, where custom launcher is used for opening specific features of the app.

Key takeaways:
- From experiment to release
- When and why to build Android version of Flutter application with multiple entry points.
- How to make it work on Android
- Potential limitations of this feature

Speaker Bio

Greetings to the mobile community! I am a passionate mobile Software Engineer with Ukrainian origins, currently residing in London, UK. My journey commenced as an Android Developer in early 2012, and in 2018, I became an active member of the Flutter community.
During last two years I worked as an Android Developer at Instagram, but now returned back to the tech stack I love as a Flutter Developer at Labrys.