Walmyr Carvalho

Senior Android Engineer at VanMoof, Google Developer Expert for Android

Talk Title

Talking to your bike and other devices (wait, what?)






13:40 > 40 min


on Twitter

When it comes to connectivity between Android apps and other devices, Bluetooth is usually the way to go, right? But, how does that work, exactly? And what does the future look like in that matter, by the way?

In this talk, we're going to learn how Android applications can talk with real, consumer devices (like a smart bike!), what kind of APIs and implementation options we have for making that communication happen and what's new in terms of technologies, sensors and possibilities when it comes to communicating with real devices through your Android application!

Speaker Bio

Android Engineer with more than 10 years of experience, Google Developer Expert for Android, mentor at Google for Startups Brazil and creator of Android Dev BR – the biggest Brazilian Android community out there! Currently playing a lot with Bluetooth, smart devices and geolocation in general at VanMoof, a smart bike company based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands!