Zac Sweers

Mobile @ Slack

Talk Title

Your Secret Other User Base






16:50 > 40 min


on Twitter

Everyone builds for their external customers. Features, new products, new services, and the good old bugfixes and performance improvements. What about your other user base though? Your internal beta users, your coworkers. This talk will deep dive into why this user base is as important as your public ones and what kinds of tools you can build for them to ship a better app together, ranging from simple internal beta sources to making the app a one stop shop debugging tool for backend engineers, PMs, and designers.

Speaker Bio

Zac is a mobile engineer at Slack with primary focus areas in Android, code gen, Kotlin, OSS, and avoiding sniffly APIs. He’s the creator of a few open source projects like AutoDispose and CatchUp, and active contributor to several more.