Zsolt Kocsi

Principal Android engineer at Bumble

Talk Title

Navigation superpowers at your fingertips






15:15 > 40 min


on Twitter

This talk will begin by the demonstration of a beautiful sample app built with Compose Mulitplatform and Appyx, complete with:

- Shared element transitions
- Scoped dependencies
- Deep links that animate the app into a desired state
- Gesture-controlled navigation

While this is a wide range of topics, we’ll see how they belong together in one cohesive story, where they’re just different aspects of the same underlying theme: managing application state.

In this highly visual talk we’ll also see how using Appyx we can add the UI magic of custom transitions and gesture-control to our apps in no time.

Speaker Bio

Passionate about people, product, and tech alike. I never cease to be amazed by engineering ingenuity and new paradigms.