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Andrei Shikov

Compose @ Google

>>Performance in Compose: Lessons learned from Lazy layouts

Moritz Theis

CEO at Snapp X

>>Google Home, But Better: Smart Home Display with Flutter

Erik Hellman

Severely colourblind, coffee addicted, mistake driven developer.

>>Working with custom Android devices 😈

Tarik Eshaq

Senior Software Engineer - Mozilla

>>Shipping production ready Rust for Android

Rebecca Franks

Developer Relations Engineer at Google

>>Practical Magic with Animations in Compose

Rebecca Franks

Developer Relations Engineer at Google

>>Fireside Chat with Googlers

Matthias Geisler

Software Engineer@LichtBlick SE

>>And Gradle says: sharing is caring - Or why Gradle Plugins are all you need for your Configuration

Jason Pearson

Senior Staff Android Engineer @ Hinge

>>From Laptop Builds to Advanced CI

Rafa Moreno

Software Engineer at Clubhouse

>>A Picture Is Worth A 1,000 ... Lines? Devs?: Get the full picture (on image loading) with Coil

Zsolt Kocsi

Principal Android engineer at Bumble

>>Navigation superpowers at your fingertips