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Shree Bhagwat

Founder / CEO - Codeaamy

>>Introduction to Game Development with Flutter and Flame

Vadym Pinchuk

Mobile Software Engineer at Labrys

>>Experimenting around Dart Entrypoint Function Name to get it all

Pascal Welsch

Flutter GDE, CTO at PHNTM, Co-Founder of Wiredash

>>Exploring Records and Patterns

Raouf Rahiche

GDE For Flutter and Dart

>>Building RTL-Ready Flutter Apps

Kendi J

Flutter Developer

>>Seamless Interoperability: Harnessing JNIGen and FFIGen

Marcin Chudy

Senior Flutter Developer at LeanCode

>>Hitting a Gold Mine: How to Set the Gold Standard With Golden Tests

Manuela Sakura Rommel

Flutter Developer

>>Stop Treating Accessibility as an Afterthought: Concrete Steps to Build Inclusive Apps

Renuka Kelkar

Flutter GDE | DevRel @ Invertase.io | Founder@TechPowerGirls

>>Nested Navigation in flutter web

Josteve Adekanbi

Software Engineer

>>Deep Dive into Flutter Animations: Crafting Dynamic and Engaging UIs

Giovanni Laquidara

Sr Developer Evangelist @ Amazon

>>Creating Engaging Android TV and Fire TV Apps with Native and Cross-Device Tools

Akanksha Singh

Software Engineer at JP Morgan Chase & Co.

>>Seamless Interoperability: Harnessing JNIGen and FFIGen

Alicja Ogonowska

Flutter Developer at EQUIQO

>>Rolling in the deep(link) - take a deep dive into Flutter navigation

Moritz Theis

CEO at Snapp X

>>Google Home, But Better: Smart Home Display with Flutter

Tyler Shukert

DevRel @Supabase

>>Bring the power of Postgres to your Flutter app with Supabase

Efthymios Sarmpanis

GDE Dart & Flutter, CTO at OneRoof

>>How not to ship an app. Lessons and experiences shipping bugs to production.

Romain Rastel

Flutter Lead Developer at Dailyn

>>How Custom RenderObjects can make your life easier

Sean Higgins

Beyond the Basics: Performance Monitoring and User Experience for Mobile App Growth

>>Beyond the Basics: Performance Monitoring and User Experience for Mobile App Growth

Simon Lightfoot

Flutter Community Leader and CTO DevAngels London

>>Flutter For The Discerning Android Developer